Tips to Overcome the Fear of Being Cheated

In this fast-paced world of online dating and with thousands of online dating sites finding a partner is no longer a problem. Even some men in steady relationships find it hard to overcome the temptation of having secret affairs with other single women.  Consequently one of the biggest fears faced by most women is that of being cheated on. While it may be irrational at times because of past experiences of having dated men that were unfaithful, this fear also may arise in perfectly healthy and happy relationships.  It tends to take a heavy toll on the relationship and need to be handled in a prudent and mature way.

Some of the ways to help women overcome this negative aspect

Do not live in the past: One of the biggest reasons why so many women tend to remain unhappy is they cling on to emotional baggage from the past. This is not going to do any good and will only have a negative impact on all romantic relationships. Just because a woman has been cheated in a past relationship does not mean she will experience the same in her future relationships. The most effective way to overcome this irrational fear is to wipe the slate clean and begin a new relationship on a fresh and positive not. Let the past be relegated to the past and look at the present and future with a positive attitude. Stop drawing comparisons between your current and ex-partner and it will leave you a whole lot happier.

Deal with negative emotions: If at any stage in your current relationship you are plagued with negative feelings of emotions deal with them in a mature and responsible manner. Write down what you feel and try to rationalize why these thoughts have arisen. Discuss it with someone you are close to and learn to recognize these thoughts for being what they are simply irrational fear.

Discuss your feelings with your partner: At any stage, if you feel the thoughts are overwhelming, sit down and talk it out with your present partner. Discussing it with your partner will take a burden off your shoulder and they will also appreciate you having discussed it with them. Sharing and discussing such misgivings is an excellent way to get rid of negativity. Your partner will also realize your concerns and make an extra effort to relieve your fears and ensure he does not do anything to cause such concerns.

Forget gut instinct: One of the major mistakes a lot of women make is they tend to rely (incorrectly) at times on their so-called sixth sense or gut instinct. This only leads to stress and anxiety that can damage any healthy relationship. While it is okay to go with your instinct at times do not rely on it and star assuming the negative n everything in a relationship. You will save yourself a lot of grief and unnecessary stress. Learn to first see, hear and then analyze situations objectively.

Visit a therapist: If still there is irrational fear that troubles you even in a perfectly happy and healthy relationship, there is no harm in seeking professional help. Visit a trained therapist and discuss your issues with them. They are trained and have the expertise to help you sort out your issues through counseling and therapy.

Go for therapy: If your paranoia refuses to go, seek counseling. That can help you to put to rest your fears.

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