Best Podcasts About Dating

Dating is an awesome feeling. With a plethora of online dating sites, you can now enjoy the companionship of someone warm and lively using a dating service. But there are some lonely people trying to balance their professional and personal life. This is where dating podcasts play a major role. They help you share experiences and listen to other interesting stories around the world related to dating.


N. Byer is a funny, honest and an incredible person who shares her dating stories on this podcast. While she is discussing her private life, she does not hide anything and that prevents the online dating people from scams. Her dating moments are almost always relatable owing to its high success. Several reviews actually stated the same saying they binge-listening to her episodes and that her voice makes it worth listening.


This is one of the most enjoyable dating podcasts were Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg post their daily reality in audio for you. It is also one of the most popular with their number of downloads going to millions. They are awesome, popular single women and you can feel like you are no less than anybody by listening to their stories. They show how women are often viewed in dating life versus what they actually do. They also speak about online dating service chats and how it could have been better. This is definitely worth listening.


This perfect dating podcast is recommended for everybody whether you are single, in a relationship and in long-term relationships. Everybody goes through ups and downs of dating. E. Perel uses her psychotherapy skills to influence couples in having a healthy relationship. There are moments of laughter and talks that will bring tears.


Almost 30 is an eye-opening dating podcast. While most of the dating podcasts focus on hilarious moments, weird one-nights, and strange chats. K. Williams deals with this transition phase of your twenties to thirties in the best way. She shares her living styles, her dating experiences and provides tips while dating online.


This podcast gives you a sneak-peek into the modern dating world where anything can happen. They are free, hilarious and truthful. Hosted by J.Abraham & J. Freid, this podcast will take crazy turns as they discuss dating that takes place nowadays. They also go through dating app chats and strange sexual encounters from which you can learn a lot to not put off the partner on the online dating site. They provide both male and female viewpoint so that no one feels like they are not understood.

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