Online Dating: The Advantages And Disadvantages

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The world of dating has seen a revolution of sorts with online dating growing in popularity. Earlier conventional dating involved meeting single women, wooing them to try and win them over and if successful beginning dating. With the advent of the Internet online dating sites came up that popularized the trend of online dating. Using an online dating service is now hassle-free with plenty of single women to meet and start dating online. Now an increasing number of people prefer using an online dating service to find a partner.

Some of the pros and cons of online dating


  • The biggest advantage is the number of partners you can find online. There are plenty of single men and single women that we can connect and chat with anytime of the day or night. As per studies done it was found that online dating scores higher than conventional dating. Additional benefits of dating online include: 
  • There are unlimited profiles of prospective partners to choose from with an incredible number of profiles of eligible single women online.
  • Finding compatible partners is now easy thanks to search filters which help to find women with similar preferences and interests.
  • Users benefit from the recommendations received from the dating site that ensures potential partners have common compatibility traits. Consequently finding a suitable partner is much easier.
  • All online dating platforms offer live chat rooms where members can connect with men or women of their choice and begin to communicate and chat with them. It helps to break the ice and get acquainted before actually starting to date.
  • Those looking for a fling or a one-night stand will fine online dating the most effective and swiftest way to hook up. 


There still are individuals that prefer the conventional style of dating. They feel more comfortable in searching offline and waiting for the right man or woman to come along. They believe in their gut instinct of knowing when the right partner will come along.

Some of the draw backs of dating online:

  • The multitude of options makes it difficult to decide which partners to choose to connect with and start dating.
  • Finding a long-term partner for a serious relationship can be difficult as most members online are interested only in casual relationships.
  • The profile photo may be of another individual as many members use someone else’s photographs and fake their identity.
  • While chatting online there always is the risk of actually not speaking to the person whose profile you are interested in. This is more so the case in countries where English is not commonly spoken. When you actually go on a conventional date you could be disappointed to find someone not comfortable in communicating in English.

The bottom line is despite the online search filters and the use of compatibility software you might not meet you perfect match online. You need to be realistic in your expectations when you date online.

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